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Our GeoFRED website will close down Sept. 1, 2022, and we know a change like this can be disruptive, especially if you use GeoFRED as a teaching tool. So we hope our new FRED map feature will be a helpful alternative to engage with data.

Maps provide a cross-sectional perspective that lets you compare regions on a map while complementing and expanding the data analysis you get on a time-series graph. FRED has 9 types of maps: U.S. counties, U.S. metro areas, U.S. states, nations, Federal Reserve Districts, Census regions, Census divisions, BEA regions, and NECTAs (New England city and town areas).

Check out our FRED map tutorials,, for additional guidance on how to use this new feature and try it out.

For more information about GeoFRED sunset, please see the announcement at


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